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NOTE: Llamas - I think they're stupid so you don't have to give them to me but you can for all I care and if you want them you can ask, I don't mind.
Whew, I totally forgot about this journal function here. In fact, I'm giving dA a lot less time since I screwed up the courage to start a flickr site It's always been a bit intimidating to me since I've only ever see breathtaking masterpieces of photography coming from there. But thankfully I've discovered there are actually people closer to my level there also.

Summer seems to be finally waking up in Iceland after a pretty dreadful winter so I should be able to go out with the camera more, except that I'm extremely busy in my current internship at the Reykjavík Grapevine which is a magazine about Iceland for tourists. If you're interested in Icelandic country and nation I encourage you to follow it (shameless advertising FTW!).

I'm particularly proud of an article I wrote about my childhood in rural Iceland, called 'Lumpfish Life: Growing up in a remote fishing village.' 

Please read it! :D

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Hi everyone, sorry, this is a rather long post but I have this translation of a fairy tale like story but I would like to know its origins but I don't know how to search, I've tried googling parts of the plot with no helpful results.

One source says it's originally a fairy tale from Romania but I don't know how reliable that source is. 

The plot goes like this: (terms that might have been changed in translation are bracketed)

A farmer and his wife are depressed because they have no children. They are then visited by [God] who grants them three wishes and they use all the wishes to wish for lots and lots of children and end up with a hundred children. They become very poor and the farmer goes off in search of means to feed them.

He finds a field full of [sheep] which is being harassed by a [giant]. The farmer offers to try and chase the giant away if he gets some of the sheep. He fools the giant into thinking that he can squeeze milk out of a rock but he's really just squeezing some cheese.

The giant offers him work for a year (which is only three days for giants) and the farmer accepts and goes with the giant to his mother's lair and is made to perform three tasks.

In the first task the farmer must throw the giant's club as far as he can. He can't really throw it at all but he pretends to be able to throw the club to the moon. The giant doesn't want to lose his club to the moon so he 'convinces' the farmer to let him throw it himself instead and pays the farmer gold not to throw it.

In the next task the farmer is supposed to carry water from a well to the lair in twelve skinbags but he pretends that he can't be bothered to carry twelve meagre bags so he tells the giant he will dig up the well and carry that home instead. The giant doesn't want him to move the well so again he convinces the farmer to let him carry the waterbags and pay him more gold.

In the third task the farmer is supposed to bring home firewood. He pretends that it's below him to bring a few trees like the giant and says he will bring home the whole forest. Again the giant persuades him to let him perform the task instead and pays hin even more gold.

Then the giant and his mother plan to kill the farmer in his bed because they don't want to pay him all that gold but he overhears them and prepares by placing a wooden trough in his bed which the giant beats with his club. The next day the farmer pretends he slept well except he thinks he might have been bitten by a flea.

The giants get very scared and pay him all the gold which the farmer tricks the giant into carrying home for him and the farmer and his family of hundred live happily every after.


If anyone is familiar with this story line, please let me know the original title and language, thank you in advance!

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